Young Adult Development Program

A comprehensive intensive outpatient treatment approach for 18-28 year old adults searching for independence and meaning. 

We support young adults ages 18-28 years old who struggle with finding purpose and motivation. They often lack the necessary competencies for independence and autonomy in the important transition from adolescence to healthy young adult life. Our young adults commonly experience significant deficits related to psychiatric symptom management, executive functioning, healthy decision making, technology addiction, sobriety, vocational or college readiness and healthy relationship development.

The K2 Young Adult Program is designed to address 6 competencies relevant to enhance movement through the developmental changes needed to fully integrate from adolescence to adulthood.

  • Self-Care & Emotional Wellness requires young people to independently manage medications or doctors’ appointments, maintain a schedule which includes a daily hygiene practice, and consistently use adaptive coping skills in the face of adversity.
  • Employment & Education assistance is provides with both hard and soft skills such as resume development, job readiness, career exploration, steps toward achieving educational and vocational goals, employee/employer communication, filling out applications, interviewing and sustaining engagement in school or work environments.
  • Life Skills for Independence requires planning, banking, budgeting, meal planning, scheduling, learning public transportation, and paying bills. These are examples of crucial skills necessary to launch out of the family home.
  • Supported Independent Living includes understanding apartment/landlord contracts, home safety and cleanliness, healthy boundaries with friends, and managing new home responsibilities. Sequencing this process with the help of our staff helps ensure a safe and manageable environment is secured for our young adults.
  • Community & Friendships is skilled are developed through safe and facilitated opportunities for socializing, fun, volunteering, and urban/wilderness adventure.
  • Fitness & Nutrition is a key component for a sustainable transition from a family home environment structure.  This includes initiative and awareness for meal planning, creating exercise routines, as well as time outdoors, and attention and accountability to proper sleep patterns.
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An Individual Sustainable
Treatment Approach

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Our Program

Intensive Treatment for Youth and Young Adults Experiencing Complex Psychiatric, Emotional and Behavioral Issues. Equinox Counseling and Wellness Center’s intensive outpatient treatment programs are designed to help our patients learn to function and to find meaning and purpose in their lives. The journey to wellness for our patients and their families begins here.


Components of Care

Equinox Counseling's approach combines the best components of residential treatment, wilderness therapy and holistic milieu services providing a complete high level of care that is individualized and sustainable.

The Young Adults Program is a truly intensive outpatient treatment program.

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Our Solution

Our comprehensive outpatient treatment model provides a unique level of whole-life support. We prepare young people to confidently transition into young adulthood safely, with friendship, and the real-life practical skills for personal achievement.

As our young adults make progress, we incrementally and intentionally extend more independence.

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