Equinox Counseling & Wellness Center Reviews

Don’t take our word for it, here is what our families say.

You Will Get Better at Equinox

In your search for treatment, one question weighs heavier than any other: Will I get better here?
All programs tell you that you will, but success means something different to everyone. At Equinox, we define success by emotional health, social health, and positive relationships.

A Letter from an Equinox Counseling & Wellness Center Parent

Reflecting on the 1st 90 Days of Treatment in the program

As I shared during Parent Coaching today, in the past few months I have found myself having mock conversations in my mind with parents who may be considering Equinox for their family. I want to tell them there is hope, that it works and that it is worth the commitment, both time and financial, that it takes. 

I remember how hard that first phone call was to make. In-spite of having made so many similar phone calls in the past trying to find someone or something that would finally be the help my family so clearly needed. If I could talk to parents who are considering EQ for their family, I would tell them that when we arrived, I felt broken, tired, insecure, scared, confused and angry.  We had done a lot of interventions and therapies (many of which I felt had been a total waste of time and money) prior to ever reaching out to EQ and there was a very loud voice in my head demanding to know why this was going to be any different. The time and the financial commitment was frightening. Could we even make this work? Did we even want to try? What if we did all of this and things stayed the same or God forbid, got worse? WHY would this work when clearly nothing else had? There were doubts on top of doubts on top of doubts. It was not easy for us to make the time or the financial commitment that was required, in fact it added another layer of anxiety onto the whole situation. But we knew that we needed intensive and direct intervention to address the issues that led us to make that first phone call. The program made sense to us and felt like it hit all the areas where we were struggling. 

The nagging doubts never went away, but we took a leap of faith and committed 100% to the program. We have been in the program for just over 90 days, and I can’t say everything has changed, but I can say that our lives are in fact changing for better. I can’t say that everything is resolved, perfect and simple, it isn’t. But I can say there is less chaos, drama and frustration and more laughter, confidence and engagement. We have support and resources available to us that genuinely help when we are struggling and have kept us from feeling alone and like failures, feelings that dominated my emotions before EQ. Our entire family is changing in ways that were not even imaginable to me 90 days ago. 

The staff at EQ is exceptional and after having experienced multiple treatment professionals and programs outside of EQ, I feel qualified to make that statement. The program and the people really are one of kind (which is unfortunate, if you really think about it). I want any parent who felt the way we felt when we made that first phone call, to know that the hope that EQ offers is real, effective and life changing. It is worth the commitment and sacrifice it requires. I was not at all convinced my daughter would do the work or put forth the energy it required, but it turns out, what mattered is that I did my part of the program. That my husband did his part. Our commitment to changing US made it impossible for our daughter to stay the same and she is changing too. Who knew? EQ did.   

L. - Mother of a soon to be 14-year-old daughter

A Letter from an Equinox Counseling & Wellness Center Parent

Reflecting on their experience in the Intensive Treatment Program (ITP)

We began receiving parent coaching sessions ---- The goal is to help us become effective “Parent Leaders”, empower us, teach us about parenting a child with complex emotional and behavioral issues, help us to identify and clarify our family values, as well as helping us experience what it really means to parent with confidence.  For example, our Family Values are that every person should feel safe, treated with respect and given the opportunity to express themselves.  Sounds obvious - right?  Well, it was a shock to my system, when I learned that some of my parenting strategies don’t support those or other values we SAY we possess or want. It can be as subtle as allowing the kids to banter back and forth with negative or insulting comments. I had accepted such sibling interactions as typical and acceptable - assuming/hoping they will mature out of it; while also, believing that I needed to stay out of it so they can learn to work through things themselves. But how can they learn to work it out themselves if 1) they are not taught HOW and 2) they are not held accountable when causing harm in their relationships. We were under the impression that teaching by example would ultimately do the trick; but as I mentioned earlier, what I was modeling was not what they needed to learn.

My husband's and my time with Tim, is spent learning new methods and role-playing real situations so our response and coaching of our children are effective and become 2nd nature. 

There are areas of parenting that we have learned how to implement with all our kids. 

I could go on and on listing examples of how Equinox has helped our son and the rest of our family. It has been a very comprehensive approach. In the beginning, they told us that we needed to look at this process as a marathon and not a sprint - that positive change takes practice over time in order it to fully take root.  After our orientation and assessment, their recommendations were exactly what we wanted, but the estimated cost was hard to consider. However, we are now believers in the principles; are extremely grateful in their ability to help our family reach our goals; their services are well worth the time, emotional and financial investment!

G.  -  Mother of a 13-year-old son

A Letter from an Equinox Counseling & Wellness Center Former Client

Reflecting on their experience in the Young Adult Program

Mary Marcantonio was instrumental in teaching me tools to be safe and healthy. I had been in and out of several juvenile homes and treatment centers and they all had the same approach, punish and suppress the behavior. There was very little effort at looking at the root of the behavior.  Mary’s approach was gentle but firm. She was able to see past the behavior and was genuinely interested in determining the cause.  It’s amazing how much a little bit of love and nurturing made a difference to me as a 16-year-old kid, even with issues that seemed like they would consume me.  She made me feel like I was normal, and I was going to be OK, simply by taking the time to pay attention to me.

Mary taught me that it was OK to communicate my feelings. Being able to communicate when I am OK with situations or not is a valuable tool that has kept me safe to this day.  She taught me about accountability, which gave me control over my actions.  She chose amazing wilderness destinations as our classroom. Destinations such as the Colorado Trail, cross country skiing in Wyoming, and Moab, Utah. And even though it was work, she made it fun. Now, as an adult, I have a wife and two daughters, a successful career in real estate, and most importantly, I feel like a normal healthy person. Life still presents obstacles but it’s always just “stuff” and “stuff” is always going to come up. How I react and deal with it determines how much it affects my life negatively or otherwise. I thank Mary for taking the time to help me work through my problems.”

R. - Former adolescent client

A Letter from an Equinox Counseling & Wellness Center Parent


Equinox saved our family. Our son was struggling and the whole family was struggling as a result. My son received the individualized attention and help he needed to learn how to feel good about himself along with the strategies, techniques and therapy he needed to become successful in life. The rest of the family received the same: individual counseling for the siblings, family counseling, parent coaching and the hope that we could be a family again. EQ offered the most integrated team therapy approach we have ever experienced in 16 years of searching for help; counseling, experiential, service work & peer support. The staff was professional, supportive and constantly available… now, we are taking family vacations, our son just graduated high school and we are a family.

B. - Mother of a 16-year-old, adopted son

A Letter from an Equinox Counseling & Wellness Center Parent

Reflecting on the Partnership with Their Treatment Team

During the winter and spring of 2021, we were struggling with repeated psychiatric hospitalizations and were losing hope that we could keep our daughter alive. As we began to research wilderness programs, we hesitated. We knew that being away from home for months would not help her to heal her trauma. Still, we couldn’t imagine how we could continue to keep her at home and supervise her closely enough to prevent her from harming herself.  We wanted what we didn’t believe existed: a program that would safely supervise our daughter during the day, teach her skills she could use to cope with the stress of daily living, help us find a more comprehensive mental health diagnosis, and allow her to sleep at home, where we could stay close and try to rebuild our relationship with her. Equinox was the answer we desperately needed. 

Over the course of our first six weeks, while our daughter was still cycling through hospitalizations, Equinox staff coached and supported us. They helped us change the ways we talked with our daughter while she was in the hospital, so that we didn’t reinforce her behaviors and cognitive distortions. They responded immediately and coached us, sometimes late at night, when unsafe behavior sent us back to the emergency room. Finally, they guided us to a place where our daughter now lives safely at home and goes to treatment every day at Equinox, which only a few months ago seemed impossible. 

At Equinox, our family is receiving compassionate, tough treatment, holistically. We have been amazed at how quickly we see results – changes in our child’s behavior – when we as her parents change our words, our reactions, our attitudes. We have been humbled by how difficult it is to change the habits we’ve formed because of how we were parented. Equinox provides us with constant support, timely reminders, and ongoing coaching to help us grow into the new, healthier relationship that we are beginning to have with our daughter. 

In family coaching at Equinox, we learn, with our child, to understand and use some of the effective tools she is learning to use. We have a place to hold important conversations with support for all of us. In parent coaching, we have private space to problem solve and plan with the help of a gifted, caring coach. In the Equinox parent group, we bond with other parents whose experiences are similar to our own. 

Our daughter works with an Equinox therapist whom she trusts. She spends hours every day in a group setting with peers, where they learn, exercise, play and practice new tools together with the constant coaching and engagement of skilled counselors. Experiential, outdoor adventures give our daughter challenges and successes that are building her confidence and problem-solving skills. She is proud to say that she spent time this summer rock-climbing, kayaking, tubing, paddle-boarding, river rafting, and more.

As a result of these interlocking components, for the first time she is learning to express her feelings with words instead of behaviors. Her distress tolerance is increasing, and her communication skills are improving. So are ours! Conflicts at home are less painful and more quickly resolved. We all practice our new tools, and we are having conversations that we didn’t know were possible.  

Equinox truly provides “wrap-around” care. They have wrapped their expertise and support around our whole family system; they have wrapped their programming around our daughter’s school day; and they have wrapped their caring and their belief in us around our hearts. 

P.  – Mother of a 14-year-old daughter