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Families that learn, grow and change together, heal together.

Intensive Treatment for Youth and Young Adults Experiencing Complex Psychiatric, Emotional and Behavioral Issues.

Equinox Counseling and Wellness Center’s intensive outpatient treatment programs are designed to help our patients learn to function and to find meaning and purpose in their lives.  The journey to wellness for our patients and their families begins here.

What we treat info graphic: family conflict, anxiety, mood disorders, adhd, autism, addictive behaviors, trauma & attachment and executive functioning deficits

Our Programs

Group of young adults sitting in a circle looking towards the ground

Intensive Treatment Program

A comprehensive treatment approach, designed for youth, ages 9-17, that combines the best elements of residential treatment and wilderness therapy, stopping the cycle of family distress and the need for out of home placement.

Young adults sit in a row watching the sunset

Young Adult Development Program

Intensive treatment for young adults, ages 18-28, needing support launching into independence, developing friendships, finding meaning and purpose in their lives, and succeeding in college or work environments.

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Transition & Aftercare Program

Long-term success occurs with purpose, planning and preparation.  Transition & Aftercare is designed to help families reintegrate and solidify the progress of youth transitioning home from inpatient psychiatric hospitals, wilderness therapy, or residential treatment. 

How We Are Different

To achieve results that last, our treatment model focuses on three goals...



As our patients stabilize and learn new skills, we provide consistent and thoughtfully organized opportunities to apply and practice these skills. This ensures that what occurs in therapy and is learned in various treatment situations and settings, extends into the home environment, parental and family relationships, school and social settings as well as the community.



Since life is not lived in a controlled environment, everything about our treatment process and clinical program environment is designed to help youth and young adults understand, synthesize, and access new competencies from the ‘inside out’. This ensures they are ready to manage life’s challenges, unpredictable triggers, and effectively cope when distressed.


Sustaining progress is what every parent wants to feel assured of. To help our patients sustain progress, purpose, and healthy functioning, they engage in a comprehensive treatment process that methodically sequences their learning, prioritizes correct repetition through action-based learning (versus solely utilizing “talk therapy”) and integrates family level growth.
More Reasons We’re Different

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Young Adults
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Your Goals Are Our Goals

We keep track of our patients because we take your success personally.


Successfully Discharged


* Improved Social & Emotional Health


** Reduced Incidents of Self-Harm & Suicidality


Young Adults Successfully Launched


Improved Healthy Technology Practices


Effective Parent Leadership


Healthy Family Communication

* Data based on patient & parent report upon D/C.
** Within first 6 mo. of treatment.

The staff at EQ is exceptional and after having experienced multiple treatment professionals and programs outside of EQ, I feel qualified to make that statement. The program and the people really are one of kind (which is unfortunate, if you really think about it). I want any parent who felt the way we felt when we made that first phone call, to know that the hope that EQ offers is real, effective and life changing.

Mother of a 13-year old

Equinox saved our family.  Our son was struggling and the whole family was struggling as a result.  My son received the individualized attention and help he needed to learn how to feel good about himself along with the strategies, techniques and therapy he needed to become successful in life.  The rest of the family received the same: individual counseling for the siblings, family counseling, parent coaching and the hope that we could be a family again.  EQ offered the most integrated team therapy approach we have ever experienced in 16 years of searching for help; counseling, experiential, service work & peer support. The staff was professional, supportive and constantly available. Now, we are taking family vacations, our son just graduated high school, and we are a family.

B & G K.  
Parents of a youth who started at age 16, graduated at age 18

Mary, I want to thank you and your staff for your tireless efforts. The expertise of your team supports such a large group of people and truly makes a difference.  I marvel at the capacity of your team to carry the load of helping our son, us as parents, and our entire family. 

The work you all do is transformative and clearly delivers results. Some of which are literally lifesaving.  We feel so fortunate to have you in our lives. The keen insight, proven experience, and expertise - all which you deliver in very digestible chunks - is making a material difference for our family.

Thank you!

Mom of a 17-year-old returning from Wilderness Therapy

Working with equinox counseling is amazing. We have spent many hours with their staff and each one of them has so much passion for what they do and the families they help. They hold such an important space in the community and support families through some of the most difficult situations and challenges. I cannot recommend them enough.

Carli Streich (Torr), MA, LPC, BCN
Referring Professional

…. years and years later, I must thank you for helping shape my life and steer it in a proper direction. What you all did for me, I am forever grateful. I’ve been all over the world to do my music and have lived in some amazing places, and things I’ve learned from you all are what has kept me going in tough times. Please forward this to those that have touched my life and made me stronger and better as a person.  I don’t do drugs and haven’t since. My family structure is stronger than ever.  I’m a college graduate and have multiple CDs being sold in stores and online.  Just thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Former adolescent client

Thank you so much. Our daughter is functioning in ways we never thought possible, is making safe decisions, and has friends.  We both want to thank all our team members for your help, support, and guidance in establishing our parent leadership.  I finally will be able to sleep at night.  We feel much more confident in our daughter’s decisions, choices, and safety.  For the first time in years, we enjoyed a weekend away.  When you told us this would be possible, I doubted this could ever happen!  Have a wonderful night. You’re the best thing that has come into our lives.  I am very grateful.

Mother of a 16-year-old

Equinox has been such an amazing resource for clients in need of more wrap around services in the Denver Metro Area. I am a clinician and have referred several clients to Equinox with great results for clients and families. The team at Equinox is incredibly responsive, helpful, and eager to consult, communicate, and go the extra miles that are much needed in helping clients and families in need.

Rachel Price, LPC, BCN, CPC
Referring Professional

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