Transition and Aftercare

Protecting the emotional, time and financial commitments made when out-of-home placement was necessary.

A Local and National Resource

The right environment is key for successful transition and aftercare to achieve sustainable results. Our center for intensive outpatient treatment is located in the Denver metro area just minutes from the majestic Colorado Rocky Mountains. The Equinox Counseling and Wellness Center is a one-of-a-kind facility where each aspect of the environment is methodically designed to allow youth and young adults to feel comfortable in their own skin, build strong peer support, and cultivate healing.

Our national transition and aftercare services assist families transitioning adolescent or young adult children from any short-term or long-term treatment setting. We understand the fear and worry involved in bringing a child home and have a structured personalized process that prepares the whole family for success.

Let us help you sustain your progress.

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Make a Positive Transition to Tomorrow

Youth and Young Adults transitioning from wilderness therapy, residential treatment or therapeutic boarding school have spent months to years in highly structured environments with a specialized focus. They have been away from home learning to take responsibility for their actions, demonstrating accountability, and processing the destructive and out-of-control behaviors that led to out-of-home placement.

Our program focuses on helping parents sustain the advances and gains youth and young adults have made while away. Our after-care support includes:

  • Re-unification into home environment
  • Development of health and wellness plan
  • Methodical school reintegration or vocational counseling
  • Continued psychiatric stabilization
  • Implementation of healthy technology plan
  • Integration into a healthy, supportive peer group
  • Develop daily, structured routines
  • Involvement in prosocial activities that provide meaning and purpose
  • Time management strategies to support proper balance of scheduled commitments and structured free time
  • Social, adventure, recreation and urban fun

Both research and experience show the most effective way to help young people and their families successfully reunite include parent involvement, the stability of the home environment, and very importantly, aftercare support.

Collaborative Planning

Joint planning and coordination with the current treatment program is essential to a seamless transition. It also ensures your child is not “starting over”.

Discharge Preparation

Because we know the realities of what it means for youth and young adults returning home, we take care of the many details necessary to ensure a successful transition.

Activate, Engage and Work the Plan

At Equinox, the plan is personal. It’s about your family, not what works for many or most families, but rather what is going to work for you. We take the time to understand.

Let Us Help Your Child Sustain Their Progress

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