Referral to Treatment

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Referral to Treatment

Equinox Counseling and Wellness Center is an alternative option to out of home placement that keeps families together while providing a higher level of care and support to youth, young adults and their families.   Unlike out-of-home placement we do this in the environment in which they actually need it…. in their home, schools, and communities.

"I was so impressed with everything I learned about what you all do there and could 'feel' it with the students that they feel cared for and supported - that matters to me, most of all!"

- Referring Partner

Our clinical outreach team works hand in hand with referring professionals to ensure a seamless process for youth and young adults who require a higher level of care. Our programs combine the best components of residential treatment, wilderness therapy, and holistic milieu therapy services—providing youth, young adults and families a safe, healing, compassionate treatment experience. Our multi-disciplinary team of clinicians, evaluators, and parent coaches help those who are experiencing complex psychiatric, emotional, and behavioral health issues. These issues are often related to anxiety, depression, suicidality, and mood disorders in combination with Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADD/ADHD, and Executive Function Disorder.  

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Our Process

Upon referral, our outreach and admission team will coordinate next steps based on the type of referral to treatment and the specifics related to each family situation. For easy reference, our process includes the following steps.

Pre-Admission Consultation

Treatment professionals, parents or other referrers will speak to an Admissions Specialist at 303-861-1916. In this initial conversation you’ll discuss presenting issues and the reason for referral to treatment. We’ll learn of the existing professionals involved and who we should contact for any additional clinical information. Referents will learn about Equinox Counseling & Wellness Center’s programs and our approach to intensive treatment, our Young Adult Program or Transition and Aftercare.

Application Interview

Our Admission team works closely with the parents of prospective youth or young adults throughout the admission process. The application interview takes place on-site for local families or over video conference for out-of-state families. The application interview is focused on gathering pertinent clinical and familial information from the parents of prospective youth or young adults.

Admission into the Program

Upon admission, parents will receive an email introducing the Admission Coordinator who will become the parent’s main point of contact, ensuring all arrangements and logistics are taken care of. The referent is a key-person in this coordination of treatment planning. Our on-site evaluator will coordinate a professional's call to discuss in-depth clinical information.

Referral Network

Equinox Counseling & Wellness Center has an extensive local and national professional network. We are here to help even if Equinox is not a good fit for your client or patient. If you know someone that needs help, call us. Even if we are not the right fit, we’ll find a resource that is. Our mission is to heal families and end human suffering as it relates to having a child experiencing complex mental health issues. We want youth and families to have better, more meaningful relationships. So, we do whatever it takes to help make this happen.

If you would like to join our professional network, please call us at 303-861-1916 or email us at email us at: info@equinoxcounseling.com

How We Are Different

To achieve results that last, our treatment model focuses on three goals...



As our patients stabilize and learn new skills, we provide consistent and thoughtfully organized opportunities to apply and practice these skills. This ensures that what occurs in therapy and is learned in various treatment situations and settings, extends into the home environment, parental and family relationships, school and social settings as well as the community.


Since life is not lived in a controlled environment, everything about our treatment process and clinical program environment is designed to help youth and young adults understand, synthesize, and access new competencies from the ‘inside out’. This ensures they are ready to manage life’s challenges, unpredictable triggers, and effectively cope when distressed.


Sustaining progress is what every parent wants to feel assured of. To help our patients sustain progress, purpose, and healthy functioning, they engage in a comprehensive treatment process that methodically sequences their learning, prioritizes correct repetition through action-based learning (versus solely utilizing “talk therapy”) and integrates family level growth.
More Reasons We’re Different

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