Parent Seminar

We are pleased to present this Parent Seminar as part of our ongoing educational series

What You'll Learn

Understanding & Intervening with School Refusal

It is not uncommon for some students to dislike school, but when they are chronically absent or consistently finding excuses to avoid school, there may be a deeper issue present. The pattern of school refusal and avoidance is often confusing, frustrating, and even maddening for parents. 

As a result, other patterns begin to form in the parent-child relationship which, unbeknownst to parents can begin to form an entirely different set of problems as it relates to family dynamics, impact on siblings, self-esteem, and future identity as a student.   

This session will help parents to -
  • Define what “school refusal” is
  • Identify the clinical symptoms and underlying issues
  • Understand common and contributing causes
  • Learn to differentiate between common avoidance or a more serious problem
  • Learning how to optimize the relationship between home, school, and therapy
  • Effectively learn how to prepare for the upcoming school year

Event Information

Seminar Details and Insight

This in-person and virtual event is for parents of school-age children, grades four through to 12th, who are taking a proactive approach for the upcoming academic school year and are seeking solutions for youth demonstrating school refusal, poor academic performance, and learning disabilities in combination with complex psychiatric, emotional, and behavioral health issues related to anxiety, depression, ADD/ADHD, executive functioning disorder, trauma, and family conflict.  

WHEN: Wednesday, August 2nd, from 4:30 - 6:30 PM
Light bites and refreshments will be provided.

WHERE: Equinox Counseling & Wellness Center
600 S. Cherry St., Suite 217 | Glendale, CO 80246 

COST: $25 for you and a co-parenting partner
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Space is limited. Attendees must register in advance.

August 2nd Registration Closed - EVENT FULL 

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